Fluid Teams (formerly PowerPlay Games) Increases Amway Sales by 398%

Fluid Teams (formerly PowerPlay Games) Increases Amway Sales by 398%

Fluid's Fantasy Team program was developed in partnership with one of the greatest sales leaders and friends, Brad Doyle. 

Brad unexpectedly passed away in 2018 during the development of his app PowerPlay Games, a partnership with Fluid's CEO.  Brad will always be remembered as a cheerful, optimistic people leader.

Before the app, PowerPlay existed as a system of spreadsheets and rudimentary computer applications.  However, the success of the game was never in question.

Brad ran multiple fantasy seasons at Amway when he was on the IBO Board.   Participating Amway organizations experienced a 398% increase in sales during the seasons.  The wild success was recorded at UNC's business school.

After seeing so much success, Brad tested his game with other network marketing organizations.  Every company that ran the program saw similar revenue bumps.  Brad knew he was onto something.

While the sales numbers were record breaking, Brad remarked that the greatest success was the relationships that were built between the teams and the players.  Players were happier growing their business as teammates.