350% revenue increase in a single fantasy season

Fluid Teams brings all the fun of fantasy sports to your remote salesforce. View Case Study ›

3x Fun
3x Sales
3x Sharing
Fantasy teams in the Fluid appSample weekly fantasy gamefantasy cardoval
Person holding a phone with fantasy teams screenNotification of earning points on Fluid

Wait.. tripling your revenue can be as easy as playing a game?

Yup. Fluid Teams lets your organization compete in weekly competitions similar to fantasy sports. Participants get points for taking actions in the Fluid app. More activity = more points. If your team has the most points at the end of the week you beat your competition, publicly.

Happy girl won a season on Fluid's fantasy teamsSMS message of affiliate winning in fantasy teamsPete's SMS message happy they won in CRM

It’s a physchology thing

Brand reps are 350% more likely to grow their sales to make sure they don’t let their team down. Oh, and it’s very fun 😁

Team laughing over Fluid's fun fantasy teams game

Team experience at its finest

Growing your business remotely can be lonely at times. With teams, the chats never stop and the comradery keeps brand reps around for a long, long time.

Let’s play - engage your team and triple your sales all in the first mobile app built for brand affiliates.

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