Fluid’s viral Giveaways platform exponentially augments brand reputation and followers.

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Brand Reputation
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Lead Generation
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Everyone loves sharing happiness. Yes, everyone.

Timid affiliates, new customers, and non-customers all have one thing in common: they’re comfortable sharing free giveaways that benefit their friends. Especially when sharing gives them more points (read: giveaway entries).

Get people to the dance

But wait, these are not qualified prospects?! Right. Giveaways are the top of the funnel, but they trigger the fundamental building blocks for conversion.

Group IconLead Generation

The more people you get to the dance the more chances you have to flirt with the lucky date. All front-line sign ups are pushed into your rep’s Fluid CRM.

Quote IconSocial Followers

New sign ups are offered the chance to earn more points (read: entries) by following your company on all your social media channels. Fluid drives 36% of sign ups to click “follow”.

Space shuttle iconBrand Reputation

Every Giveaway sign up is a new email address to nurture. Not to mention your logo and messaging is front and center every time they log in to view the latest winner.

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Tease Enrollments With Clubs 🎁

Point Clubs encourage giveaway users to share your brand and enroll to bring home the more exclusive prizes.

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Did we forget to mention the most important reason to use Giveaways?

Your brand reps love them! Giveaways are the most requested and promoted growth engine by affiliates.

Deploy your fully customized, viral Giveaway’s platform today. Watch your signups, followers, and rep experience hit levels you’ve never seen before.

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