Friends buy from friends 😉

Trusted recommendations impact your entire customer journey. With a strong brand experience, the perceived value of your offering increases (read: more referrals).

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Your fans are hungry to share your message. Don’t starve them.

Today’s social economy is dominated by content. Your marketing team can deploy videos, images, pdfs, powerpoints, etc. to an army of loyalists who can now share trackable content with the click of a button.

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Buying made easy with
one-click sharing / sampling

One page, one product, one click. Fluid’s shareable products are the fastest checkout flow on the web. Brand reps can also opt to share samples and control the payment experience. Easier sales = more sales.

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Make affiliates addicted to you

The average smartphone user checks their phone within 15 minutes of waking up and over 150 times per day. Unlike social media giants using technology for mindless scrolling, Fluid will flood your brand reps with positive dopamine hits with our smart notifications.

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Brand reps leave when they don’t have the tools necessary to succeed 💔

On average, people sell 41% more when they track their data in a CRM. That number increases an additional 26.4% when paired with social media sharing capabilities. More importantly, affiliate churn goes down significantly when they feel supported and part of a social experience.

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🔥 Hot leads at the click of a button

Leads are hard to get, right? Not anymore. With Fluid Leads you can choose how many leads you want and how often you want them. Fresh leads delivered right to the app.

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Guarantee brand

Gone are the days of affiliates screenshotting webpages or requesting links to videos to host on their pages. Deploy approved content, track performance, and lead your field to success.

Equip your remote sales team with the tools to drive brand promotion and social selling with Fluid’s mobile-first CRM.

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