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One-click Product Checkout on Fluid

Transcript from the video:

Why is one-click buying so important? Well, simple really, the easier it is for your buyers to buy it, the more that they buy, the easier it is for your affiliates to share the more that they sell. 

We've made sharing and buying very easy with our one-click checkout and single-page checkouts. So let's say I'm looking at this product, this sleep vitamin gummies and I want to offer this as a sample product. 

There's an easy way for me to do it. I just click share and let's say I want to create a contact SmartLink here and now just pick a contact. I picked Angela. I now have the option to decide who's paying for it. If I want to cover the cost of this for Angela, so that she can try one of my samples, I can choose my own name or if I want Angela to pay for it, I can select Angela here.

This doesn't apply to normal products. This is for samples only. 

So let's say I choose my own name here and I want to send it to Angela. Now I can copy and share it and I can open it in a browser and view how it looks, let me go back and show you what this looks like. 

So in my preview here, you'll see, I get a nice, easy screen.

Company admins have an option to decide whether you want to do a fluid checkout, which is a single page checkout, or you can just put in the URL that leads to your e-commerce checkout, which makes it very easy to load your products in and have them buyable either on fluid, through fluids, merchant, or on your own site.

When I click buy, you'll see it just redirects me over to the Hims site. 

You'll also notice that I'm getting a notification up top, which is the whole point and fluid will now track the exact page views and how far along on this checkout, the user gets, which is why one-click shopping is so easy.

It's right in your pocket. Right in the app. I click on a product, choose how I want to share the link, choose who's paying for it and it immediately puts them into the checkout process, which makes the buying and selling easier, which leads to more sales (aka revenue).