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Use Viral Giveaway Clubs to Convert Leads into Customers

There is one major problem with Fluid's Giveaway platform.. your company will have tens of thousands of new leads..

Mountains of emails and social media followers.. help!

Clubs are one of the answers to guiding leads on what to do next.

We've seen clubs help companies like Jolly and NewAge entice thousands and thousands of users to go to the next level in their sharing.

However, with member clubs, you can encourage any giveaway participant to join your opportunity because they want to be eligible for the big prizes.

Watch to see just what we're talking about.

Video Transcript

You've signed up to use Fluid's Giveaways.  You have tens of thousands of people just pouring in, signing up, wanting to do more and more with your giveaways (poor you). And you're wondering now, how do I convert more of these emails from just being prospects to being customers.. and then to resellers. 

You'll want to work hand in hand with your brand affiliates for converting each of their Contacts.  However, one of the great ways is with Clubs. We've seen this work over and over again. With clubs, Jolly signed up 24,000 people in a 40-day period.

Again, just, these are not actual affiliate signups. These are users who are using the giveaway product. 

This has also worked to serve tens of thousands of people on NewAge in South Africa. So we've repeated the success multiple times. 

Clubs work really well if you do it right. Let's go show you how clubs can assist in taking the burden of all these tens of thousands of people who are signing up to learn more about you and following you on social media :).  We can convert them into network marketing leads, affiliates, or resellers.  Also known as MLM or multi-level marketing.

See inside a jolly the $75 cash that's for the public club. And you'll see a 1000 point club label in front of the AppleTV 4k, a 5,000 point club label on the $250 cash. These are all different point clubs that jolly can customize and set up itself to drive people to do more than just be a part of the public club because you want them to take this unique link that they have here and share it out, get their friends to sign up and then their other friends to sign up and it keeps going on and on to drive a huge pool of people to you. 

This is also where you can load up your promotional video. Okay. And then as we go down, you see your recent giveaways, and then right down here at the bottom is these joined the elite pool.

So this is an exclusivity opportunity. It helps users just want to be a part of the next club up from them. So if you're in the public club, you want to get to the thousand point club and it keeps going up. But the other great feature that it has is some of these clubs are labeled as members only, but you can see in the 10,000 members.

This means not only do I have to have 10,000 points, but I also have to be a member to be a part of it. Being a member means you're a licensed user inside of fluid, which typically means that they're an affiliate or some kind of brand representative for your company. So once they start sharing and they get into this thousand point club, they want to see how do I get into 10,000 point club?

And the only way to do it is not only to get 10,000 points but to become a member. Drum up that up conversation right there. And then the way to use it is to give these really exclusive prizes to the members. Now all users will be able to see that those prices are being given, but they cannot achieve them until they reach the right club.

And trust me, this works really well. We've seen people just sign up hundreds of friends individually under them, just to be able to get to the next point club and be awarded the next giveaway price. And if you give prizes such as an e-bike or if you're doing really well, maybe you have the money to give away like a Tesla Model 3.

That'll do it - hundreds of thousands of signups. Just for that a model three, you can give those away once a quarter, you can do member prices, weekly set up whatever schedule you want inside of fluid branded to what's you set up the point club values and the member values to what works for you.

But ultimately what we know is that this drives sign-ups and it works really well from converting the people who are just participating to check it out and have given their information as a lead convert them into a customer, which thing you can move them into a reseller. We've seen it happen over and over again.

And it works really well. If you have any questions on how to do it for your company, just email or chat with us down at the bottom.