Social Media Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social Media Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

An ever-increasing number of brands and businesses are rapidly realizing that relying solely on traditional methods of selling just isn’t feasible in the modern world. Nowadays, social media network marketing is a crucial way of generating sales and leads. When it comes to direct selling and multi level marketing, many newcomers can feel overwhelmed with how to succeed. Whether you’re looking to level up and sell more products or whether you’re totally new to the game, we’ve put together top tips and useful hints to make social media network marketing work for you.

1. Focus on the Most Relevant Social Media Networks
Many people fall into the trap of thinking that they need to be active on all of the major social media networks. Many also think that they need to focus on the most popular network of the time. However, you should identify which networks are the most popular with your target audience. There’s no point jumping all over Twitter, for example, if most of your potential customers are over on Instagram.

Facebook and YouTube are typically popular with people all ages, while Instagram is largely favored by younger generations. Twitter and LinkedIn are better for targeting businesses. Pinterest is primarily used by women. If you’re targeting people of certain nationalities, you should consider the main social media networks used by those people; for example, VK is good for targeting a Russian audience.

2. Up Your Online Activity
Increasing your online activity increases the number of people likely to notice you. This doesn’t, however, mean jumping all over each and every social media network. Nor does it mean posting irrelevant material simply to be seen. Posts should have some value, otherwise they can appear spammy.

Create a content calendar and post regularly. There are many tools that can makes your life easier; create a month’s worth of posts in advance and schedule them through a tool like ContentCal, Loomly or Agorapulse.  
Try posting at different times of the day and analyze when you get the most engagement. If you are already active on a particular social media channel, you could select one more to expand your reach. Essentially, regular activity is essential for growth, and growth is important for increased sales.

3. Focus on Content
Focus on your content first and foremost before any sales messages or product recommendations. Whether through text, images or videos, consumers are more likely to engage with brands they see as adding interest and value rather than simply trying to push a product. Implement an excellent content-first strategy.

4. Use Your Strengths
Different social media networks use different types of media. When creating content, it’s a given that you need to produce videos for YouTube and TikTok, text for Twitter and eye-catching pins for Pinterest.

If you have zero skills in, for example, video editing, you may want to lean more toward a text- or image-based network. Alternatively, learn new skills and brush up on existing skills to produce the best content. After all, your content needs to capture interest to generate sales.

There are many forms your content can take, from reviews and live streams, to tutorials and tweets.

5. Target Companies
Bagging a big business as a client may seem impossible, but it could actually be easier than you may think. Through the power of social media network marketing, you sometimes just need to be savvy to get noticed.
Businesses of all sizes and types usually have a presence on the main social media channels. Make a list of companies that you are particularly interested in, find them, follow them and interact with them online. Liking posts and retweeting messages can lead to success!

Tools like Followerwork allow you to find Twitter profiles according to keyword or topic, making it easier than ever to find relevant people or brands to follow. Similarly, you can set up alerts for LinkedIn whereby you’ll receive a notification if somebody joins the network who matches your ideal profile criteria.    

6. Join Conversations about Relevant Brands or Products
Keep on top of who is talking about you or related areas and be sure to join in any conversations. You can provide helpful answers to questions or make recommendations. Alternatively, even just liking and sharing posts can show that you’re paying attention and make people more likely to remember you.

7. Run a Giveaway
It’s human nature—everyone loves free things or the feeling of getting a bargain. And, people love sharing great deals and opportunities. Running a giveaway helps you to both please your existing customer base and also expand your potential customer base and grow your following. Use Fluid for a viral giveaway tool with excellent results. You can increase your email list as well as your followers on social media because when people are sharing great giveaways, others take notice.  

8. Offer Bonuses
Similar to a giveaway, a bonus gift or discount provides more of an enticement for someone to make a purchase—they feel like they get more than they paid for. Bonuses can be a terrific way to stand out from the crowd, especially if there are lots of other people trying to promote similar products or services.

9. Remember Quality Not Necessarily Quantity
Huge followings are great. But many new affiliate marketers forget that smaller followings can be just as lucrative if they are highly engaged. Always make sure that you are targeting the correct groups of people and that they are engaging effectively. Don’t get too hung up on the numbers; pay attention to actual sales and follower reactions.   

10. Stay on the Right Side of the Law
It’s not only ethical to let people know that content contains affiliate links, but it’s also a legal requirement. Being upfront can help to add to your credibility too, especially if you are creative with your disclosure and make sure that potential customers fully understand that it won’t cost them extra.

Always keep these 10 tips in mind when planning your social media network marketing strategy, and be sure to revisit your objectives regularly and analyze your figures to make sure that you are always on track.