Network Marketing: How to Onboard Your Downline

Network Marketing: How to Onboard Your Downline

Network marketing is a business model that needs a network of people to grow the business. If you're a network marketer, it's absolutely crucial to know how to recruit new members and then train these new affiliates on how to make a sale. Half of new recruits leave within the first year, and nine in 10 leave within the first five years due to lack of support and training. Companies with standardized onboarding programs have more than 50 percent retention rate and have 60 percent higher productivity than organizations without standardized onboarding. So how do you do effective onboarding? Read on for helpful tips. 

Create an Onboarding Plan for New Recruits
If you want to recruit more affiliates to your network, you must learn how to successfully train the new members of your team. To do this, you need to create a detailed and effective onboarding plan for all your members. This should include everything that a new member needs to know to sign up. But, most importantly, it should consist of details on how to teach new members to clearly articulate the benefits of signing up for the business. 

Start by educating them about the different products and how beneficial these products are. Then, ensure that you have a list of all possible objections so that the new member will know how to handle these refusals. The onboarding plan should also include tips on handling a hard no from the prospects. Train the new members not to take no for an answer and always be closing. 

Make Notes
As soon as you become a network member, the next step is to plan how to get new members. Get as much help as you need so that you can also share it with the newest member. Also, take time to take note of what you have learned while talking to the top producers and consider doing the same. Please don't hesitate to talk to leaders and managers as they know a lot about the industry and how everything works. As soon as you have learned the tricks of the trade, try to make a helpful guide that you can also share with your team members. It should include product knowledge, where to get leads, how to pitch a product, how to highlight the product's benefits, and educating how profitable network marketing is. Also, ensure that all your members know how to handle objections properly. 

Set a Goal
Sales teams have their sales targets for the month. It would be best if you did the same to your downline. However, make sure that they set realistic goals for themselves. Follow the SMART rule when setting goals. Goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound. 

It will be challenging to reach a goal that's impossible to do. Setting unrealistic goals only leads to more disappointments. As a result, it may demotivate your affiliates completely. You can sit with the new members and ask them about their goals. It will also help if they can discuss with you how to attain these goals. Please don't also forget to share your insights.  

Share Your Strategies and Give Your Team the Resources They Need 
When it comes to network marketing, it doesn't stop at recruiting just a few members. If you want your network to grow, make sure that you share your success with the team. For example, how did you make your first sale? What did you learn from your experiences? Are you able to provide them with more resources? Your team will learn a lot from you so long as you take time to teach them what they need to know. 

Show Them How It's Done
New members can learn how to effectively convert a prospect to a sale if they know how it's done. If you have an appointment with a new prospect, consider taking the recruit with you, so he is aware of how you are pitching to clients. After pitching, set up a meeting with your recruit and ask what he thinks about your pitch and if there's still room for improvement. If possible, ask them to take notes while you're pitching to a new prospect and encourage them to ask questions after doing the pitch but do it when the prospect has left. 

When your new recruit has a prospect, ensure that you also go with them while they're pitching, and please provide them with constructive feedback. And then take time to improve their skills and work on those things that need to improve on. 

Follow Up With the Team
After training them, ensure that you also take time to check on them. Do they have new prospects? How are they looking for new leads? Remember, it doesn't stop with the 2nd or 3rd network. You can earn a fortune when you don't stop recruiting people. 

Help Your Team Members
If you think a member might be struggling with making a sale, then it's time to have a one-on-one session with this affiliate. Perhaps you can go with them to their appointments so that you will know what they did wrong. 
Also, try to notice things they're good at and make sure they're aware of them. Knowing their strengths can encourage them to do better. When they struggle with pitching, let them practice and always provide feedback.

Stay Active in your Team 
If you want to earn more, then don't just stop after onboarding a team member. You need to teach new members how to convince new affiliates to join you. It's also essential to keep your team motivated every day to inspire them to sell more.

Use the Right Tools
While product knowledge is essential, having the right tools is just as crucial. When it comes to network marketing, you need the Fluid App to become more productive and make more sales. Encourage your team members to invest in this tool and other resources you think they may need. 

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