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MySite: Turn new affiliates into effective passive marketers

Are you happy with your company's replicated site?

Are your affiliates using their replicated sites to their full potential?

If you answered no to either of those questions, you're missing out on free web traffic.

Sticking a customized MySite link into social media profiles or email footers will drive easy traffic to your affiliate's site.

Combine that traffic with Fluid's effective visitor to lead conversion tools and you'll see passive revenue coming to your account.

Check out my MySite.

Video Transcript

Do you have a replicated site that maybe you're a little embarrassed about?

Or that isn't working very well?

Maybe you have a great replicated site, but your affiliates aren't using it the way that you want them to? It's not converting the visitors to leads as you would expect?

You need MySite.

MySite is one of my favorite features because it takes non-sellers, non-sharers; like myself, and turns us into effective marketers.

It allows you to build out a personalized site. This is my MySite that you can find and you'll see in here, I've been able to personalize it to me.

In Fluid, similar to a link tree service, I can add the links that I want people to visit outside of my MySite. They sit up top so I can send visitors back to my company page, my replicated page.. or I can send them to my giveaways or really anywhere that I want to send them to.

From my Fluid mobile app, I can add any Media, blog post, external links, Giveaways, or Products that I want people to see,.

They will all exist here on the live, updated site.

MySite is a single link that I can put in my social media profiles and send people to all day long.  Makes selling easy.

If you do not have an effective replicated site that your people can personalize. you're missing out on a lot of traffic that gets sent to these pages just by existing in your user's social media accounts.

So go ahead and check mine out and book a call with me to learn more about my site.