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How Fluid Helps “Tech-Scaredy Cats” Overcome Their Aversion To Using Powerful Online Marketing Tools

One of the biggest issues facing network marketing companies in this age of exponential technology growth… 

...Is helping less tech-savvy sellers overcome their tech hesitance. To learn and leverage the most powerful online tools currently at their disposal. Do you have any tech-scaredy cats in your organization? Curious how to give them the same tools millennials have for reaching the never-ending markets online?

No surprise there. 

One reason our aging population is so attracted to network marketing is because it has generally revolved around an old-fashioned way of doing business. Word-of-mouth marketing, person-to-person storytelling, and good ole’ fashioned handshakes. And traditional direct sales are still done in ways that make “more sense” to Baby Boomers.

However, This Has Always Limited Their Reach 

The more a seller wants to scale, the more complex it gets to reach people with traditional direct selling techniques (if you don’t start bringing in technology eventually). For example, when a seller clings to their comfortable communication style but wants to serve larger groups in person, they bring people to hotels for demonstrations and in-person group meetings.

Not only does this slow things down, but Covid has made it a lot tougher to do this than ever. We can't gather in large groups without running into occasional restrictions. And doing so can even pose health risks to older groups of people.

It’s now imperative to help these less tech-savvy users adapt. So they can keep reaching enough people to make their network marketing business thrive. 

The bright side? Once they do know how to use these tools…

They End Up With More Marketing Punch Than Ever Before

If you’ve been thinking of putting Fluid in the hands of your distributors, it might ease your mind to know this powerful app is designed to do exactly this. From the very beginning, our goal has been to put the most advanced marketing strategies into the hands of EVERYONE…

Yes, from complete newbies marketers to advanced sellers with decades of experience. And also leaders who want to give a wide range of effective tools to everyone in their sphere of influence.

Even if you’re not planning to use Fluid at all, maybe you’re interested in how we’ve managed to achieve that aim.

Here Are Some Of The Ways We Give Users Online Tools

(Even When They’re Not Tech Geniuses):

1. Put Simplicity At The Core
In Fluid’s case, simplicity is the core foundation of everything we do. We’d already noticed that powerful online marketing technologies were leaving the less tech savvy sellers behind. People who were more hip to what online marketing could do suddenly had a wide range of advanced tools at their fingertips. 

That’s why every function in our app is created to be user-friendly. To level the playing field.

2. Compile All Tools In One Central Place
Most online marketers, even the experienced ones, have to use dozens of different software tools, each with its own learning curve, to get things done online. Not only does that add up costs, but it’s pretty chaotic too.

You can simplify this by gathering the most robust functions of all those tools and packaging them up into one easy-to-use system. So instead of logging in to navigate back offices in dozens of different platforms (and then figure out how to make them work together), all Fluid’s tools are packaged in one single app. With one single user-friendly interface.

3. Make All Functions Intuitive
Another thing we’ve done is design every function in our platform to be a no-brainer -- just click and you’re off to the races. For example, big obvious share buttons that make it a snap to put content together and get it out there without having to take a video course or read an instruction manual. 

The best online tools are intuitive to anyone, from a kid to a grandmother. That’s been our goal with Fluid every step of the way.

4. Simple Enough To Run From A Phone
Baby Boomers that don’t otherwise use computers or other devices still use their phones just as much as everyone else. Our job is to figure out how to embrace that trend. So we made our platform 100% mobile friendly. Yes, all Fluid’s functions can be operated on a smartphone. No advanced computer system required. 

A major bonus to this is that it’s a great way for network marketers who could never see themselves sitting at a desk all day get a taste of what it’s like to run technology while going about their everyday lives.

5. Tools, Tricks, and Training For People At All Skill Levels
Because this is a tech app made for non-tech people, we develop training materials that show people exactly how to put every function into action. With step-by-step instructions in a variety of easily-consumable media formats. 

Many marketing apps are designed for experts who already understand marketing. You give them the software, but they then fit the tools into strategies they ALREADY use.

Our training is marketing newbie-friendly. Instead of just basic nuts and bolts info on how the software functions, we provide step-by-step training with strategy included. We don’t just tell them they can put together online giveaways using Fluid for social media, for example -- we show them EXACTLY how to do that.

6. Prewritten Communications And Slick-Looking Push-Button Templates
It’s usually easy to tell the difference between someone who isn’t tech savvy and someone who’s a pro simply by the look and feel of their websites and other marketing assets. Not to mention the persuasive capability of their copy and content...

Fluid is much more than a marketing app, though. 

We actually provide prewritten funnels, designed to look high-level pro. And give your sellers the choice of which ones they want before they simply plug in and use.

End Result? The Latest In Marketing Technology... For The Average Joe Or Jane

Fluid certainly has the ability to go hard core for more technical users. Seasoned marketers who want to dig in and implement really complex online marketing campaigns. 

But our “keep it simple” philosophy boils the basics down all into a system anyone can use to get the best results. By drawing on these same principles, you can help your sellers adjust to the new world too. 

Just because someone wasn’t born a Millennial…

...Doesn’t mean they can’t still harness the tools to stay competitive in this fast-paced changing world. After all, the psychology of selling and person-to-person marketing will always rely on the same core principles.

Our job, then, is just to create user-friendly systems that make them universally available.