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Fluid Banners: The best real-time marketing updates

Have you ever developed an amazing product, but on launch day nobody heard about it?

Ever prepared an amazing webinar, but nobody showed up?

Fluid Banners ensure your most important messages ALWAYS get seen.

Why?  Because they're at the top of every page.  Literally, every page.

With Fluid's easy-to-install chat script, you can put real-time banners on your website to match the banners you see on Fluid pages.

This way, EVERY SINGLE VISITOR will see your most important updates.

Video Transcript

Do you have a promotion that you've ever had come up at the end of the month that you were really excited about? You thought it was going to help you hit your end-of-month numbers and nobody really saw it?

Maybe you had a new product launch you've spent all this time, all this money, formulating something great.. and on launch day, nobody really buys.

Or, maybe you've done a lot of prep for this great webinar you have, and you were expecting a big audience, but nobody really saw it?

Well, that may be because you aren't using Fluid Banners!

Banners are becoming one of the favorite real-time marketing tools from marketing teams across all industries.

Take a look at Slack. Slack has recently added this banner onto their homepage and they change it all the time depending on what's their latest promotion or the latest news that they need to get out to their customers.

Similarly, if you look at e-commerce giant Studio McGee, they now use web banners to promote their latest fall line.

Fluid has built-in banners that you can configure, branded to your colors. You can change the messaging or the call to action as much as you want.

This is one of Fluid's clients, Zennoa.  We're looking at one of their shareable pages SRQ here.  You'll see they're announcing the launch of their latest and greatest product, BeautyRest, that they've put a lot of time and effort into developing.

Now they're taking advantage of ALL the visitors that all their affiliates are driving to their Fluid Share Pages to announce and promote the most important thing for them right now.

And it's top of mind of all visitors because it's top of the site. Not only on Fluid but all sites Zennoa owns because Fluid gives a simple JavaScript script that you can install on any of your web pages.

And now the same banner lives and tracks visitor activity that's happening not only on Zennoa's own e-commerce site but on every page they go to now that visit- no matter what site or what domain it's on that you own

The click-throughs are extremely high and you're able to funnel visitors into the direction they need to go.. on top of getting the analytics of the page views and the traffic that is happening between both Fluid pages and your own.

Web Banners are one of the greatest ways to have your real-time marketing efforts realized.  Don't let another product promotion, webinar, or end-of-the-month promotion slip through the cracks again... Just use banners :)

Just required a very easy, one-line-of-code install onto your marketing sites and/or replicated pages.   Banners are already built into all Fluid's shareable pages.

We're happy to help your developers get it set up.