5 Direct Sales Clothing Companies You Should Know

5 Direct Sales Clothing Companies You Should Know

Discover the top five best direct sales clothing companies. Here you can find out the top mlm clothing companies, their main selling points, and their focus.

Direct sales or MLM (multi-level marketing) formats are becoming increasingly popular. Many companies now offer direct sales models instead of retail outlets or selling online only through their websites. The trend also extends to selling products through a network of independent distributors.

If you're interested in learning more, this article will touch on multi-level marketing and the best direct sales clothing companies to consider working with.

How Does Multi-Level Marketing Work?
Multi-level marketing is becoming increasingly popular among fashion labels since it allows for greater profits for independent sales representatives. In the MLM model, reps are paid for their sales and those of their recruits. Many companies let the consultants share in their recruits' revenue or downline agents for up to three generations.

Using this type of marketing, sales reps are encouraged to work in teams instead of alone, and new consultants are offered strong support as they enter the system. The consultants also receive a commission for recruiting new members and commissions for sales they make. MLM marketing systems can be pretty profitable if legitimate companies use them.

5 Direct Sales Clothing Companies You Should Know About
As you already know, direct sales is now a huge business. The business model in which companies sell their wares directly to customers has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Avon, Mary Kay, and Herbalife International are just a few of the big-name direct sales companies. But there are many others out there and many clothing companies that you might not have heard of.

The following brands are known for having higher sales payout to affiliates, unique product lines, and an impressionable reputation for quality amongst customers. Here are a few you might want to get to know before you invest in a new venture.

1: Stella & Dot
Stella and Dot is a direct sales fashion company specializing in boutique-style clothing, jewelry, and accessories. A primary goal of Stella & Dot is to empower women to run their businesses and make their own decisions.

By 2010, Stella & Dot had reached $100 in sales and was ranked 67th on Inc. 500's list of fastest-growing companies. Stella & Dot is now an enterprise worth $30 billion in North America alone. A Stella & Dot product can only be purchased online or through an in-home style session conducted by an independent stylist. In today's market, Stella & Dot is available in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Ireland, and Germany.

Become an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot. You will be able to instantly establish an online presence by using your own website or an e-boutique where customers can place orders online. Consultants can use various social networking sites to show new products through pictures and videos.

A commission rate of 25% to 35% is typically based on personal qualified volume (PQV) through your individual orders or through your website, along with a 5% commission for corporate referrals. You will receive 18% of the team's sales if you decide to build a team.

2: La Senorita Jolie
In 2006, Jennifer Dixon created La Senorita Jolie (LSJ), which combines Spanish and French and means "A Beautiful Girl." LSJ went direct-to-consumer in 2015. As of 2017, LSJ is distributed in 27 states, and approximately 85% of its clothing is manufactured in the United States.
The LSJ line is perfect for the woman who prefers t-shirts and jeans. It offers a quality curated collection of casual, affordable, and chic clothing and accessories in an inviting atmosphere.

As an LSJ Independent Stylist, you are eligible to earn 25% commission on clothing sales and 35% commission on jewelry sales based on your personal sales volume at pop-ups. In addition to earning commissions on your individual sales, you can also earn commissions on group and team sales.

3: W By Worth
Direct sales company W by Worth specializes in luxury clothing. They were founded in 1991 by Caroline Davis, who created the company to offer New York-designed products with inherent value and style. To provide women with the opportunity to be their own bosses and have a successful career, the company offers flexible schedules and the option of working from home.

You have high earning potential, flexibility, as well as the chance to work with great women. However, W by Worth does not disclose its compensation details publicly. Only current representatives can give you the exclusive opportunity to become a W by Worth stylist, and all compensation details are very secret.

4: Cabi
In 2001, Carol Anderson and Kimberley Inskeep and ten other founders co-founded Cabi, a hi-end fashion company with the motto "A company for women by women.". The company's mission is to empower women to achieve their dreams. In addition to reinventing how women shop, Cabi has also opened doors for women to pursue an alternate career path that is lucrative and meaningful.

Similar to other companies, Cabi reps earn sales through pop-ups at parties. Customers can also shop with their personalized stylists through unique websites and the Cabi mobile app. Cabi stylists earn 25-33% commission on personal sales and commission through team sales.

5: Etcetera
Direct sales company Etcetera caters to women's fashion. In 2000, Connaught Group established this company to provide women with stylish clothing appropriate for any occasion. All the clothes are made in the United States.

With Etcetera, women have access to great business opportunities that are flexible and allow them to define their success. To empower each woman, Etcetera provides reps the chance to be the CEO of their own business venture. As a trained stylist, you can play a key role in directing your customers' shopping experience.

Etcetera offers its products exclusively through trunk shows scheduled on an appointment basis, and its stylists provide information on the latest trends and styles. Filling out your information at these trunk shows will allow you to find out how you can become a stylist at Etcetera and the compensation details, which are not readily accessible.

Whatever the product or brand, should you choose to participate in direct sales, make sure you’re using the right tools.